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12 Months of Giving (about 1 year ago)

It is one year since the Kutoa community re-booted. Wow!Here are the projects we supported: Safe Villages (D.R. Congo), Victory+ Kids (India), Personal Hygiene Products for Girls (Namibia) , Restoration for Trafficked Girls (India), Girls Home (Liberia), BBCF Response to Covid-19 (Bangladesh), GFN Food Security (Nepal), Rohingya Refugees in Malaysia, New Vision Homes (Nepal), Inca Peanuts - the super nut (Laos), Personal Protective Equipment for 1st Responders (Global). Quite a list. Our projects have touched 8 countries in very diverse places. 

Some of the projects this year will be familiar. We are constantly on the lookout for new and diverse sustainable solutions. We love working with grassroots organizations that are writing modern textbook for great development, and who demonstrate amazing commitment to combating global humanitarian issues. As Covid-19 has reminded us, these issues affect us all. This year invite your family and friends to join our community so we can make a bigger contribution. And thanks for your commitment to a better world!


Micro-loans for women

Inca Peanuts - the supernut

Savings-Based Finance