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Covid-19 Update (11 months ago)

Covid-19 just made people everywhere helping people everywhere more complicated! There are more people in need of urgent care. And so many more people are vulnerable to global humanitarian issues because of Covid-19. For example more people are out of work and unable to earn an income. Schools are not functioning well, putting children further behind and more vulnerable to victimization. And it is harder and riskier for our partners to contact people and provide services to those in need. 

But we've seen the value of the Kutoa model. We work with local organizations that find locally sustainable solutions to the most difficult problems. As a result we have not only been able to directly protect people from Covid-19, we have been able to effectively combat other humanitarian issues despite Covid-19. That includes things like providing care to Rohingya refugees and helping victims of the Beirut blast.

Last year we dedicated two months to Covid-19 issues and also voted to provide personal protective equipment for the organizations we supported in 2020. 

In 2021 we will continue to look for sustainable solutions to global humanitarian issues that will work in the Covid-19 environments. This month we focus on education. One solution, the tuition centres for disadvantaged children helps kids sharpen their studies after school hours. This is a super idea because not all kids have good internet at home, or have a home environment where they can have a quiet place to study while schools are closed. We think the other options this month are also good sustainable solutions to provide educational opportunities for disadvantaged children and youth.

When will things get better? Well first off, many things ARE getting better day by day for people who are touched by your generosity at Kutoa. But we expect access to vaccines to roll out slowly in many developing countries which means local economies and health care systems will take longer to improve.

Lets continue to be inspired by the work of our international partners. And lets encourage our friends to joint the Kutoa community. Together we can make a big impact.


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