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February's Winning Project - Freedom Pakistan (9 months ago)

Awesome. This month our funds will help free people from modern-day slavery. People like Razaq Masih and family. Through the project they managed to pay back a debt of 80,000 Pakistani Rupees (CA$650) to their Kiln owner. Furthermore, Razaq was able to purchase a piece of land, buy bricks and build a house in a nearby community. Razaq moved his family of eight to the new house. He still working at the brick kiln, but he is now working as “Kitikar”, which means that he gets paid for the work he does and is no longer indebted. Through the support provided to the program Razaq and his family are freed from generations of slavery and have the skills and support to remain in this state.

In the last year in 2 kilns where children slave away all day making bricks to pay the generational debts of their parents, this project has helped 20 families and 111 people come out from debt bondages with permanent transformative changes in their livelihood. People learned money management and income generating skills like vegetable gardening, animal husbandry, sewing and small business. They were educated about their human rights and basic health care. After the families learned of their legal rights they registered all their children with the National Database and Registry Authority of Pakistan. School age children started going to school. Women signed up for tailoring training and 85% of them completed the course. Ten women started to generate income by using their stitching skills and earned an average of 1,200 rupees ($9.60 CAD) per month. Their stitching incomes are expected to increase as they gain more experience.

Most of the families have been in debt for over 10 years. By learning how to manage their money and engaging in income generating activities, all twenty families have taken no new loans since they joined the project. They have been paying down their debts.  Most of the families have started to see for the first time in their lives the accumulation of their personal assets. The men have been motivated to work more diligently and have seen their productivity increased in their regular brick kiln jobs. They also learned to utilize the down-time during rainy days to find additional works outside to generate more income. The project expects these other families to follow the steps of Razaq and get totally emancipated from t


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