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January's Winning Project - Personal hygiene products for girls (10 months ago)

Thank you Kutoa community. In January 2021 you voted to provide funds to help out girls living in shanty towns around Windhoek. We'll be sending $836 so the staff at Kamati's Kids can support the girls in their programs who are struggling to get the personal hygiene products they need. Its a problem that holds a lot of girls back from progress at school and from just having confidence to face friends. One way the Kamati's Kids staff identify who to help is by following up with the girls who are absent from school and after-school programs. Poverty and lack of education contributes to the problem. There's not a lot of sympathy or understanding for the girls in families where parents and guardians never had the opportunity to progress in school. And when its a struggle just to have food on the table these kind of personal items are a luxury the family cannot afford. So when we put our dollars together we are going to make a real difference in the lives of young ladies who are working hard for a better future. Lets' invite more people to the Kutoa community so we can grow our impact!

The Kamati's Kids Story

Kamati Ekonia’s journey took him from rural Namibia to Canada and back. Along the way he is making a remarkable impact on people. Today Kamati is inspiring and equipping vulnerable youth in Namibia. He believes they are the key to transform the shanty towns surrounding Windhoek. Kamati wants to empower youth to reach for the stars and also give back to their communities. Kamati started the outreach after returning from Canada in 2010. Bible school and summer camp experience in Canada helped fit him for the task. Now he provides leadership for hundreds of vulnerable youth and children. Kamati's Kids has a vision to impact 4,000 children and youth in measurable ways on a weekly basis by :

  • Inspiring kids to dream about a  better future by providing life principles for success;

  • Providing the life skills and mentoring support to navigate the challenges of living in a slum setting;

  • Providing educational support for children and youth; 

  • Developing leadership;

  • Involving the youth in projects that address needs in their communities; and

  • Ultimately working with youth to bring development to their communities


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