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July's Winner - Rohingya Refugee Care (over 1 year ago)

The Kutoa community spoke and we will be sending donations to help Rohingya Refugees. Their plight captured headlines the other year as hundreds of thousands of Rohingya people fled their homes in Myanmar for bordering Bangladesh to escape ethnic and religious persecution. That journey turned into a continuing nightmare. Refugees were contained in large camps with no plan to introduce them into Bengali society. They were unwanted and Bangladesh ill-fitted to receive them. After a quick global response, many humanitarian organizations packed up and went home. This left Rohingya refugees in a precarious position. In recent days many have attempted a dangerous boat journey to Malaysia in hope of finding a final destination. Our partner CNEC works with Rohingya refugees in a number of countries, including Malaysia. Our resources will go to helping volunteers and staff in Malaysia resettle the refugees who survived the journey by boat. Instead of living in camps, these refugees are finding places to live among the local people. You are helping to make Malaysia their final home and remove their status as refugees.


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