AIC Schools - South Sudan

South Sudan has the world's 3rd lowest human development index. The AIC (Africa Inland Church), South Sudan is committed to changing that statistic. Before independence in 2011, Sudan was involved in large scale civil war and ethnic violence. The story...
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Bangladesh Baptist Church Fellowship - Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Baptist Church Fellowship (BBCF) runs world-class relief and development programs. BBCF and Partners International partner with communities in our "Adopt A Village" program. This program reduces disease and death. It increases incomes pr...
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Beginning of Life - Moldova

Beginning of Life has an audacious goal - transforming a nation. This organization works to prevent social problems for vulnerable groups of people. And it also works to rehabilitate victims of the social injustice. In Moldova this means protecting you...
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Changing Times - Kenya

Changing Times is a light of hope and opportunity in Kibera, Africa's largest slum. Kibera is a dangerous place. Violence, drugs, crime, prostitution and other abuses affect the everyday lives of residents. Its so dangerous that during these times of C...
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ChrisFon - Pakistan

ChrisFon is a courageous organization that provides justice for oppressed people in Pakistan. This country ranks near the bottom of the Human Freedom Index. Minorities in Pakistan live with insecurity and injustice. ChrisFon works with two groups of op...
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Duars Rural Development Project - India

This super organization serves tea plantation labourers and their families in India. The picturesque plantations of West Bengal mask a rough life for many. The Duars (local area name) Rural Development Project provides education and economic developmen...
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FEAL - Middle East

FEAL serves refugees and displaced people in the Middle East. In the recent economic collapse of Lebanon they have extended help to vulnerable people in the general population of Lebanon. In April and May 2021 they provided about $30,000 of additional ...
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Haiti Christian Schools - Haiti

Haiti Christian Schools sees education as the cornerstone of sustainable development. Each additional year of education a child receives makes a big difference to their future livelihood. The schools provide quality education, exceptional training for ...
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HEAL Africa - D.R. Congo

HEAL Africa is a hospital and medical outreach organization in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo. This amazing organization is renowned for its compassionate service to vulnerable people in one of the most volatile settings on the planet. Goma lies be...
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JKPS - India

JKPS is the organization that inspired the birth of Kutoa becaus of its world-class program to restore minor-age girls rescued from human trafficking. JKPS serves people living in extreme poverty in three states of India. Every week over 10,000 childre...
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Kamati's Kids - Namibia

Kamati’s Kids is transforming the shanty-towns of Windhoek from the inside out. Kamati and his team mentors young leaders to bring positive change to their own communities. Half the population of Windhoek, Namibia live in shantytowns surrounding the ci...
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Mahima Homes - India

The Mahima Homes are after-care facilities in Kolkata India for young girls rescued from human trafficking. Mahima was started because many rescued girls were being re-trafficked. The staff at the Mahima homes care for these girls while the people who ...
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Ribbon Ministries - China

Ribbon Ministries is widely recognized by the Chinese government for its service to people with HIV/AIDS. It is the only non-governmental organization in China approved to serve the HIV community. Amazing, because Ribbon is a faith-based organization i...
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UPHOLD - India

Uphold serves South Asia's most marginalized tribal people. Uphold mission is to lift them up in a holistic manner. For those familiar with the caste system, these peoples rank below the dalit. Dalit people are the outcast caste. The caste system class...
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