Inca Peanuts - the supernut

LOM introduced sacha inchi seeds (aka Inca Peanuts) as a new cash crop for Laotian farmers. Most people in Laos are subsistence farmers. They grow just enough rice to survive. Each year is a new battle for survival. A cash crop like sacha inchi can provide a better income and protect people from unexpected emergencies like medical expenses, and losses from natural disasters. The sacha inchi plant produces large, edible seeds rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, protein, and other substances such as vitamin E. LOM has found a good market for the sacha inchi nut. In this project LOM provides the seed and agricultural training to farmers for free. Then they buy the nuts back from the farmers. It takes about 8 months to start harvesting. Families can harvest all year and are able to earn about US$1250 which essentially doubles their annual income. It's a great sustainable solution. It enables families to raise their living standard, have cash on hand, and be able to send children to school. It also helps LOM be sustainable through their own small profit. Our donations this month will go to providing more farmers with sacha inchi seed.



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