Savings-Based Finance

Communities in Bangladesh have found an amazing way to share out of their poverty to help each other grow businesses that promote self-sustainability. It is called "saving-based finance". What is unique about this approach to self-help is that no outside organization loans money to the people. In regular microfinance programs people apply for a loan to an organization. In this savings-based project all the resources come from the members of the group. Although the people are very poor, they each contribute a Rupee a week until there is enough to lend to one person the money. The money grows as each recipient pays back their loan with interest and people continue to contribute. The loan rotates among the group members. They decide who needs it the most next. And they encourage the person with the loan to pay back. They want their friend to succeed so they will also be able to benefit from the pool of money. In this way many small businesses can be started in the village, and group members learn from each other how to be successful entrepreneurs. So in this case our donations are not needed for loans. They don't want our money! Our donation will go to help the "Adopt A Village'' staff at BBCF organize, train and support new savings-based finance groups. They will provide book-keeping material, a safe box, and regular supervision and encouragement. In some cases the women will be taught to read and write, and simple math.



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